Honey massage

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Honey massage is deeply relaxating. The client lies on the belly and the warm liquid honey is applied to the skin in the area where are spine levator muscles – they are along the whole spine. In this region converge from the entire body nerves to the spinal cord. Honey detoxification massage can be done also on the back of the thighs. Such massage then act against cellulitis (and the effect can be indeed seen after a few procedures). Honey (about one teaspoon for full procedure) is gently appling on and the specific movements are withdrawn from the skin. Honey massage is very important to the blood supply.

When the honey is already so stiff that the grips are uncomfortable, we také a warm towel and wipe and cover the client. The whole procedure should be repeated about 3 times. After the last round we give the client a relaxing wrap. The legs and back may be covered with cinnamon or mildew or honey.


Well made honey massage would be nice to hurt – in my opinion, is not quite relaxing type of massage, but rather health. Someone loves this massage thanks to gentle pinching when honey solidifies and masseur it “peel” away from the body. Honey massage should hurt but never unpleasantly. I often met someone who told me that honey massage will never want again because it was painfull and it was generally unpleasant. Unfortunately, it was either that honey was not entirely good quality or masseur didn´t work as he should.

Duration: The entire procedure takes 45-60 minutes.

Contraindications: hairs on the back, inflammation, cancer, arthritis

Honey massage