Sports massage

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Sports massage is an ideal to place either before, during or after any sports activity. Technique and method of execution varies depends on the type of sport and the athlete. For example, the runners (no matter if the sprinters or marathon runners) needt massage of the whole of the lower limbs and a very fast striking and grappling. At this point, it is necessary to start up the muscles and boost up to performance. In general, we can say that the faster and more robust movements is masseur doing, the better for muscle condition. The same goes for a massage during sport performance when we need to stimulate the muscles to work still. Massage after exercise is significantly different. It is rather reassuring, it aims to help in the subsequent regeneration of muscle after exercise so as to prevent it from stretching, muscle spasms or failure.Sports massage


Duration: each body part at the “before and during the exercise” should not take more than about two minutes, the final soothing massage is prolonged, it may take 5-10 minutes