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“Is like a mental illness that causes you to hopelessly love your life.”

In this section ´Travelling´ we would like to share our adventures from places all over the world we have visited. We also want to announce that most of the texts we write immediately after the experience. Therefore some situations look tenser than we remember them afterwards. But that is the beauty of the moment.

Man can be mentally enriched by a lot of things. Love, friendship, solitude or travelling. We are lucky and we are incredibly grateful for the time we live in. Everyone has the opportunity to be who wants to be. We have the opportunity to visit the places we learned about at a primary school in geography or history. I remember the moments when we talked about India and its ancient monuments at school, and it was like talking about something unbearably distant, unattainable. Only a few years passed and we stood in those places in India. We saw with our own eyes the monkeys depicted in books about exotic animals, huge butterflies, scorpions. That feeling is priceless.

I admire every person who gets out of his/her comfort zone and despite negative news about evil around us makes the step and flies.

The world is so colourful.

Travelling helps us to find our place in the world and gives us an opportunity to really get to know ourselves.

Our personal ´travel rules´: 

– don´t waste money

– plan and do everything just by ourselves, not with travel agents

– experience local culture and local people instead of main touristic attractions

– use local public transport, do things which locals do and eat as locals

– accept challenges and face it

– walk always together, hand in hand

Let´s fly with us…