Classical and relaxing massages

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Classical massage is one of the oldest techniques of body care. Its basis is in the use of pressure, mostly using hand massage. Techniques are kneading, rubbing, wiping, shaking, trembling. The goal is to get into the depth of a given muscle (here depends on area of ​​focus and how deep pressure do we need). The basis for making any good massage is the perfect knowledge of the musculoskeletal system (bones and muscles), vascular supply of the body, lymphatic system, skin and its structures. The second building block is the excellent knowledge of massage techniques and massage techniques for effective action.

Classical massages have many positive effects. Among the most significant is the acceleration of regeneration and physical and mental relaxation. Massage generally have a positive impact on our overall condition. Massages are a good and long-beautifying agent. During the massage the blood flow widen in a given areas of the body and stimulate the lymphatic system, which takes care of washing away debris accumulated in the body. Therefore, a person who undergoes massages regularly, at first sight appears to have much firmer, healthier skin.

There are also many other beneficial effects of classical kinds of massages. They have a great benefit for someone who has a sedentary job. During the course even I had such an experience and my back ached. During the course we have twice a week to teach each other massages, so I was massaged twice a week. Relief came after only one week.

Massages are good for the muscles – they run the stimulation of muscles. Even those that do not have too much move and are flabby, work during the massage (such as large gluteal muscles especially in sedentary pursuits). Conversely, massage can relax the muscles that tend to shorten. Typically, these are mainly the upper parts of the trapezius muscle, which is very painful (f.e. because of improper posture).

Massages relieve and soothe the body in recovering from illness, injury or surgery.

Massage can be recommended:

  • convalescence after severe diseases
  • chronic rheumatic diseases
  • diseases of the musculoskeletal system
  • some injuries and surgeries – accelerates healing
  • burns – released scars
  • faulty posture and defects of the spine (scoliosis, hyperkyfoza …)
  • chronic diseases of the respiratory system
  • hemiplegia and paraplegia
  • fatigue and poor psychological condition, muscle pain, …


  • the first 3 months of pregnancy, when heavy menstruation, in the postpartum period (that there are special types of massages)
  • general weakness and great physical exhaustion
  • oncological diseases (risk of exuberance)
  • viral and bacterial disease (risk of unwanted multiplication of cells due to stimulation of blood and lymphatic circulation)
  • inflammation
  • purulent or fungal diseases (preventing spores from spreading around the body)
  • atherosclerosis and osteoporosis
  • serious bleeding disorder

Classical and relaxing massages