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“Touch the body, calm the mind, heal the spirit.”

I learned the magic of massage when we lived in Prague.


Somehow it seemed likeable to me. A man works with another person, and helps him to feel better and be healthier. If you want to give a massage, you just need your hands and good skills. They can be provided wherever are you and the person who needs help. And especially:

I do not know a single person who doesn’t love a massage


My professional qualifications are classic, relaxing and sports massage. To develop my professional skills, I also took a course on honey (deeply detoxifying) massage and the so-called Breuss method of massage. In the menu, you can read something about these types of massages.


You can´t buy happiness, but you can get a massage It is basically the same thing.


I took all the courses in a great school accredited by Ministry of Education, EduSpa College, under the guidance of a professional lecturer Zuzana Šmoldasová.

I am a massage therapist. And what is your superpower?