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“I see possibilities where others closed the door long time ago.”

Welcome at my personal website. If you are looking for more information about me especially about my art work, film work or acting. This is the right place for you.

I was born and raised in a village in the Czech Republic near the town of Nachod. Inclinations for art I started to have in elementary school. In that time I loved writing especialy in verses. At the end of elementary school I started performing in amateur theatres in Nachod and the cities near by. That was a time when I played in a dramma club and in a three other amateur ansambles. In the same time I started to study music. As my first instrument I choosed darbuka. At the high school I started to play guitar and also sing in chorus and solo.

Because I wanted to do more in the high school and my brother Andrew got the idea that we shoul shoot films. We decided to establish a film studio. And so we did it. With my brother we have started a film studio Moving|Pictures. And from that moment we started to shoot short films.

Time went on and I moved to university. The first year I was living with my brother in Hradec Krélové. And because everywhere I lived I played a theatre this was not an exception. I played in a theatre group Crib (Jesličky). Next years of my university studies I spent most of the time in the city of Pardubice. And I moved there with my future wife Helen. I decided to move a litle bit further with my acting. And I knocked at the door of the biggest profesional theatre in the region. And the door of Eastbohemian theatre of Pardubice opened to me and I spent there next several years.

When my studies at the University of Pardubice was almost over I and my wife Helen decided to move to Prague. Which is the capital city of Czech Republic. In Prague I mainly focused on film. I worked as payed profesional but I aso shooted with my friend as a hobby. Because as a starting actor I didn’t earn as much money we needed. I had number of different jobs. From a bouncer and a bricklayer trough the receptionist to banker and IT testing specialist.

When we lived in Prague I have met a lot of great people. Because we finished some film projects we decided to shoot more films and we made our film group Sunny Cut.

In the year 2015 we decided to leave Prague. At the end of 2015 we visited India and decided to travel more. Next destination is New Zealand. More about our travels you can read here. After almost 2 years we travelled the whole New Zealand and visited  Fiji and Australia. During my stay at New Zealand I was also part of local film industry. I was acting in a new pilot series “In Production” and I also acted in short film which was part of “48 Hour Film Festival.”

After our return to Czech Republic which was at the beginning of 2018 I participated on shooting of 2 commercial film projects

In 2018, me and my wife went to Canada. At the beginning of 2019 we returned back to Czech Republic.

Realized film projects:

My IMDb profile

Link to my actor’s portfolio on Facebook:


The Christian – My role = Actor, scriptwriter, director, producer


Gentleport – My role = Actor, scriptwriter

Something new is beeing born – Digiteq automotive – My role = Scriptwriter


Sorry – My role = Actor

Couple of Charlies – My role = Actor

In Production – My role = Actor (Supporting actor in pilote episode of series filmed in New Zealand)


Modlitba srdcem – My role = Actor

Delirium – My role = Actor


Ghosts and monsters – My role = Actor (short danish 3D film for the purposes of screening in a haunted house)

Violet – My role = Actor


YCC Fotball 2013 – My role = Actor


Les Svíb – My role = Sound egineer


ZŠ Habrmanova – My role = Sound egineer


Facebook vs. realita – My role = Actor and one of the authors

Andělé na kolejích – My role = Sound egineer:
Doktor Důlek – My role = Camera assistant


Mobilisace 1938 – My role = Actor and Sound egineer:

Zapomenutý svět – My role = Sound egineer


Les bez stromů – My role = Movie about a movie