Indian head massage

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When I and Victor were travelling across the western part of India in year 2015, I met many local women, who have been providing traditional head massage to their families. Some of them, especially in tourist areas, were making this service to tourist. I love massages and I always wanted to learn an indian head massage during my stay in Czech Republic. But when I say one very talented Indian woman providing indian head massage in an excelent way, I decided to ask her to be my teacher.

She told me that genuine indian head massage consist of rear neck, hair part of head and face part of head massage. It is possible to aim only on one part, it is not necessary to massage all.

Indian head massage is fabulous from several reasons:

  • immediately helps during headache or migraine and also helps in prevention of it
  • beneficial effects on hair skin – thanks to the touch and oils to the skin significantly improves blood circulation and nourish – this is reflected in the quality of hair that grow better and stronger
  • blood flow to the scalp has a positive effect on the brain and its activities
  • massaging the neck muscles relieves pain, especially upper parts of the trapezius muscle. This muscle is often painful due to incorrect posture and other factors
  • massage the face delays of the skin aging and wrinkles. The skin significantly improves blood circulation and natural nourishment. Regular massage with properly selected oil is literally miraculous elixir for skin.
  • there is a mental calming and relax overall

Ideal for a head massage is, in my experience and knowledge, an argan oil. It is one of the rarest oils in the world. Is it because Argania spinosa, from which the oil is produced, grown only in a few places in the world. Most trees grown in Morocco and are an important barrier against desertification. Places where they grow are even declared a nature reserve under UNESCO protection. Argan oil is used for a high percentage of active compounds (tocopherols, carotene, essential fatty acids, vitamins A, E and F). Vitamin A promotes circulation of vascular system. Vitamin E is a powerful anti-inflammatory antioxidant that protects cells from UV rays, thereby preventing their degradation and slows down the aging process. Vitamin F moisturizes the skin and slows the aging process of skin cells. The high content of tocopherols protect the skin and the hair against free radicals, again actively slow the aging process. Argan oil is used in the treatment of skin diseases, eczema, acne, burns. Relieves itching scalp, reduces dryness of skin and hair, giving vitality, strength, shine and softness. It is a natural wonder that has a greater effect than expensive cosmetic preparations against wrinkles and acne.

Indian head massage