Hot Stone Massage

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Hot Stone Massage is very profitable kind of massage. It is possible to apply it on every part of human body (except of scalp and belly of women in hers period). It is very releasing.

The process of this massage consist of step by step adding of hot lava stones to given part of body. It is also possible and very effective to provide massage directly with them. There is a huge warming of muscles and yet their huge relaxing and releasing.

Lava stones must be warmed up in water-bath and they can be put on clients’ body after therapist can hold them 10 seks in his or her palm. It is also necessary to use some massage oil. It is possible to use sunflower or coconut oil in the highest quality. It is very good to add there a drop of some kind of essential oil according to clients wish. For better relaxing and calming effect it is possible to add for example drop of lavender or ylang ylang. It is up to you and your clients fantasy. But I wouldn´t recommend essential oils with cooling effect such as menthol. It is suitable for this type of warming up massage.

Oil can be applied on clients’ body before placing of hot stones or can be applied on stone surface. I like more the first option.

Hot stone massage is variable – here aren´t any direct and prescribed grapple as it is for example in case of Breuss massage. Therapist can place hot stones on the client’s body and massage with his or her hands around them. Or therapist can place hot stones on clients’ body for a while and then he or she can make massage with them. As I wrote before, there aren´t any prescribed and direct grapple, but it is extremely necessary to keep order of types of grapple. Firstly, therapist chafe the oil in the body areas. In this phase the oil is getting deeper into the skin and muscles are prepared for their charge. After therapist kneed the muscles. Muscles are now soft and flexible. After this phase is necessary to check, if there are not any solid parts. I call it wiping or swabbing. We can also place hot stones on these places for faster and better releasing. Following grapple is quaking or shaking. It is important to quake the tense from muscles and it is very good prevention of muscle tenses after massage. After this is important to release the muscles. Therapist use the save chafe grapple as in the beginning. In the end of massage can client relax a while with placed hot stones on his or her body and enjoy their pleasing temperature.

One another thing is very very important. You must drink some water or another beverage after this massage!